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Our tutors are our most important asset. The success of our company is dependent on our tutors’ professionalism and expertise, so we take great care in selecting them.

How do we recruit our Tutors?

Each month we receive CVs from candidates wishing to register with Wirral Tutors Network. The initial selection is made based on each person’s qualifications and experience: our clients expect tailored courses delivered by professionals so we aim to work with teachers and tutors with a related qualification and at least 2 years teaching experience.

The tutors who get through this initial paper-sift then undergo an interview. The purpose of this interview is to confirm the tutor’s qualifications, get more in-depth information on their prior tutoring experience and to “get a feel” for their character.

At Wirral Tutors Network, we believe that a tutor’s personality is an important factor in the success of the student-tutor relationship: we look for enthusiastic , professional, open-minded and friendly tutors who have a real passion for tutoring and sharing.

Our Language Tutors

We do prefer to work with native tutors in the languages area as their accent and cultural knowledge is more accurate, but we make exceptions in areas where language tutors are hard to find and in the case of bilingual tutors we do, however, require that they have lived in the country for a period of time to ensure a good quality accent and first-hand cultural knowledge.


 learn a language

Whether you want to learn a language for the first time or looking to improve your language skills, we have a language tutor for you.

 Lessons starting at the time of your choice there is something for all, from beginners, improvers, conversation or advanced, exam preparation is also available.

We are now offering language adult courses through the year via Zoom.


Join Wirral Tutors Network

If you would like to join Wirral Tutors Network please forward your CV to:


or call us on:

(0151)2002117 or 07910833584

All Tutors MUST hold a teaching Qualification, have teaching experience, hold a Degree or be native speakers (Language tutors). We are now seeking Tutors who fit the above requirements.


Exam support for GCSE

Exam support for

GCSE / AS, A level

We offer support for those students studying for public exams.

Students can Join at any time of the academic year. Private tuition is also available on request for a minimum of two lessons, to address any special area of the curriculum.

or call us on:

(0151)2002117 or 07910833584

Contacting Wirral Tutors Network

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Email: info@wirraltutorsnetwork.co.uk

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